How to Eat 5 Michelin Stars in 24 Hours—Without Ever Leaving Your Hotel

Cliché as it sounds, Paris is always a good idea, as is splurging on the equivalent of one month’s rent for a bucket-list night at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel George V. (“Good” does not always equal “responsible.”) In addition to staying in the most exclusive hotel in Europe, most aptly described as a Parisian palace, you can complete this indulgent, over-the-top eating challenge: racking up a total of five Michelin star dining experiences in less than one day. The hotel is home to not one, but three Michelin-starred restaurants: Le Cinq (three stars), Le George (one star) and L'Orangerie (one star), meaning that five stars are at your fingertips. Plus, each spot offers something wildly different. For most, it’s a pick-and-choose situation when it comes to dining, but here is an unprecedented opportunity to graze your way through three of the best restaurants in Paris—in less than 24 hours.

The best part? You don’t have to step a foot outside of the hotel. A plush, king-size bed is just a mere elevator ride away, where you can unbutton jeans and deal with food coma in the privacy of a fancy hotel room. (We can also attest that a glass of bubbly in the interim is a wonderful way to digest.)

It sounds insane, but here’s the best plan of attack:

Lunch at Le Cinq

Le Cinq
Credit: Jenn Rice

To ensure you cover all your Michelin bases, it’s best to check-in to the hotel and start with a leisurely lunch at Paris’ most hyped three-starred Michelin restaurant, Le Cinq—otherwise, making it out alive with all five stars will be a daunting challenge. Plus, this route includes cushion time for a nap prior to dinner. Le Cinq also features a single secluded table in the gourmand courtyard, decked out with a fuchsia orchid fence where diners can experience Christian Le Squer's magical tasting menu in a whole new light. Each bite promises something interesting; an amuse-bouche that bursts in the mouth, mimicking an Aperol spritz, “undone” French onion soup, sea bass in a bath of buttermilk served alongside caviar, a dessert with “pop rocks” and much more.

Dinner at Le George

Le George
Credit: Jenn Rice

Rest up (and perhaps go for a quick jog), as Simone Zanoni’s menu at Le George is brilliant. A nod to his family roots, the Mediterranean-inspired menu is filled with beautiful and fresh crudo variations, a delightful range of seafood, “36 Hours Goat,” delicate homemade pasta dishes and even an onion tarte with parmesan ice cream—a taste that will never be forgotten. Just like Zanoni, Le George is laid-back and playful. The best way to tackle his inventive menu is to order multiple dishes and share.

Breakfast at L’Orangerie

Credit: Jenn Rice

If you’re lucky enough to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel George V for more than one night, a lunch or dinner tasting menu with chef David Bizet at L’Orangerie should be part of the master plan. If not, depart ways in true French fashion with caviar and foie gras eggs for breakfast. Chef’s specialty, contemporary French cuisine, shines through in these two breakfast delicacies, and are an epic way to say goodbye to this dreamy hotel gastronomy world. So delectable, in fact, you’ll find it hard saying goodbye to this paradise.