Bar Lab’s Gabe Orta and Elad Zvi will open Margot Natural Wine & Aperitivo Bar before year’s end.

By Clarissa Buch
Updated July 10, 2019
Margot Natural Wine Bar
Credit: Javier Sanchez

Very exciting news for Miami wine drinkers: Gabe Orta and Elad Zvi –– best known for their award-winning cocktail bar, the Broken Shaker, which has locations in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York –– are diving into natural wines with their forthcoming sustainably minded wine bar, Margot.

Set to open before year’s end inside the Ingraham Building in downtown Miami, Margot Natural Wine & Aperitivo Bar will showcase Orta and Zvi’s interpretation on a classic wine bar, but instead will offer natural wines and low-ABV cocktails such as amaro, aperitifs and vermouths.

“Learning about natural wine making has been a passion of ours for quite some time,” Orta says. “It’s very similar to the way you make some spirits, so it felt right to open a natural wine bar and bring it to life.”

While Margot will be Miami’s first natural wine bar, “natty” wines have exploded in popularity over the last several years due in part to more health-conscious and sustainability minded lifestyles, according to Orta. Made organically or biodynamically, with minimal intervention, few additives, and without chemicals or preservatives, natural wines are typically produced by small vineyards and in limited quantities.

For now, Margot’s wines will not be exclusive to any particular region; Orta and Zvi will instead compile a well-rounded list of spirits, many of which featuring female winemakers. Once open, the bar will host tastings and education sessions, as well as serve a light tapas-style food menu.

“We fell in love with this approach to wine-making years ago when we first visited the vineyards,” Orta adds. “Both of our restaurants, 27 in Miami and The Exchange in Los Angeles, have all-natural wine lists. Plus, most of our favorite wines right now are from female winemakers and it only felt right for this new Bar Lab concept to be inspired by this influence."

Danya Hachey of MaD Artistic, who has served as Bar Lab’s creative director since the original Broken Shaker pop-up in 2012, has been tapped to design Margot. With a late ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s feel, Margot will feature a minimalistic look with pops of color and original artworks. The bar will be set to music predominately produced by female artists, ranging from contemporary and classic R&B to soul and funk.

In addition to Margot, Orta and Zvi have partnered with Timon Balloo, the chef behind Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, which includes locations in Miami, Brooklyn, and Las Vegas, to open Balloo: Modern Home Cooking this summer as well as an unnamed third concept in winter 2020, all located in the Ingraham Building.

Broken Shaker aside, Orta and Zvi are the masterminds behind 27 Restaurant and The Anderson in Miami, and The Exchange and Rudolph’s Bar & Tea in Los Angeles. Since launching Bar Lab in 2009, their consulting and hospitality management company focused on innovative beverage programs, Orta and Zvi have racked up numerous awards, from the Spirited Award at Tales of The Cocktail for Best American Hotel Bar, to nods from the James Beard Foundation and World’s 50 Best Bars.

Margot Natural Wine & Aperitivo Bar. 21 SE Ave., Miami.