From liverwurst to a fortune cookie factory, here's all the food and places 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' host Jimmy Kimmel featured during his hometown week.
Credit: Randy Holmes/Getty Images

If you happened to miss it, Brooklyn-native and comedian Jimmy Kimmel took his Hollywood-based late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! across the country for a special five-night run at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. With his house band joined by former The Late Show sidekick Paul Schaffer, Kimmel offered a hilarious run of skits and a star-studded line-up of guests, including former late night host David Letterman, shock jock Howard Stern, musicians Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder, comedians Amy Schumer and Tracy Morgan, DJ Khaled, actor Matthew Broderick, and more. But it wouldn't be a real trip to Brooklyn if you didn't stop and enjoy the food, something Kimmel was clear on from the first day he arrived.

Here is all the food Jimmy Kimmel ate and talked about during his short stay in his hometown.

Monday, October 16

During the first night of his hometown appreciation week, Kimmel enjoyed a pork sandwich with meats from Brooklyn's Landi's Pork Store and bagels sent by fellow late-night host Jimmy Fallon. Off Avenue N, Landi's is a family-run market offering meats, fresh pasta and a variety of Italian dishes to go. Fallon got his bag of bagels from Bergen Bagels, which has three locations within the borough.

Tuesday, October 17

Not only did Kimmel get delicious treats from neighborhood restaurants and friends, but his Tuesday night show also featured two food-centric segments. Kelly Ripa sent a giant box of cookies from Orwasher's Bakery (known for its menu of Jewish-style breads and sweets), while Kimmel at a sandwich from Mekelberg's, a specialty food shop and craft beer bar in Clinton Hill.

Meanwhile, during a Google Home Mini product placement sketch, Kimmel traveled back in time to dinner with his family in Brooklyn to illustrate how having technology at your fingertips can settle arguments at the dinner table. During the trip to Wonton Food, viewers got a hilarious inside look at how fortune cookies (and their fortunes) are made.

Wednesday, October 18

For Kimmel's hump day show, he turned his "Ridiculous Questions" segment on the bartenders of Brooklyn to find out whether they'd want club soda to come out of their nose and if they can spell daiquiri. Another short on-the-street series of interviews asked kids from LA and NYC about the other city. At one point, a kid from New York claimed food in Los Angeles is "fake," and that NYC has the "real" food. Seth Meyers, former Saturday Night Live head writer and current host of Late Night, sent Kimmel a Sbarro pizza and Kimmel also snacked on donut holes from Du's Donuts and Coffee, which offers New England-style cake donuts.

Thursday, October 19

Beyond playfully reminding Seth Meyers that he still had his Sbarro pizza (completely untouched) and enjoying a sandwich from David Chang's Momofuku, one New York resident shared her horror story of a kid trying to eat spilled oatmeal on the subway during a subway horror stories segment. Meanwhile, in an interview with Tracy Morgan, the SNL alum joked that for Halloween he passes out liverwurst sandwiches to the Trick-or-Treaters.

Friday, October 20

For his final day and night in Brooklyn, Kimmel got his hands on a bagel with smoked fish from Russ & Daughters, a cafe and shop that sells specialty smoked fish and a variety of deli items.

Kimmel also enjoyed a pint of Blue Marble ice cream, a certified organic ice cream made with organic grass-fed dairy, before thanking them, along with 32 other restaurants and food establishments that sent him menu items over the course of the week, during the show.

And as a final food farewell, Kimmel—along with his comedic nemesis Matt Damon--offered a chance to win an “Uncomfortable Dinner with Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon” through Omaze, a fundraising platform, with all proceeds benefiting Next for Autism.

And if all this sounds like a lot of food, you're right. Here's Kimmel's full roundup of his food week, in which he admits he definitely ate way too much: