Fine dining at the literal top of the world.

Longyearbyen, Norway
Credit: Adrian Wojcik/Getty Images

At Huset, the Scandinavian restaurant seventy-eight degrees north of the equator, the menu includes Arctic fare like caribou and bearded seal. The restaurant is located on Svalbard, a Norwegian island partway between Norway and the North Pole. According to KIII TV, ABC's channel in Corpus Christi, Texas, Huset is the "most northerly gourmet restaurant in the world" (not to be confused with the northernmost brewery, on Norway’s Spitsbergen Island).

The restaurant's head chef, Filip Gemzell, uses as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, giving the menu its uniquely Arctic flair. Granted, Svalbard is, not surprisingly, far from an agricultural paradise. Gemzell's challenge is to make what he can with what he's got. As he told KIII, “We focus on using as much of the local produce [as] we possibly can, and we have a very close relationship with our hunters and trappers who provide us with protein such as reindeer, bearded seal, goose, grouse and common eider eggs.”

The restaurant's current menu includes ingredients both from Svalbard and from other Scandinavian locations. You can get Svalbard reindeer with onions, bearded seal from Svalbjard, cod from a Svalbard fjord, duck eggs from the Norwegian mainland, and Norwegian cloudberries, among other things. The full tasting menu costs 1,100 Norwegian Krone (about US $142), and the reduced menu goes for 900 Norwegian Krone (about US $116). For 50 Norwegian Krone, (about US $6.50), you can add a cheese trolley (and why not?).

Huset also has an à la carte bistro menu with options like reindeer burger, mink whale, and beef cheeks. A 3-course meal, with an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert, will amount to about 420 Norwegian Krone (about US$50). To keep up with Huset's seasonal menus (and to look at how pretty Svalbard is), you can follow Huset on Instagram, @huset_svalbard, and/or follow Filip Gemzell's account, @filipgemzell.