It’s time for Sunday in ... Los Angeles.
Sunday in Brooklyn
Credit: Gary Landsman

Sunday in Brooklyn—the darling of Williamsburg’s brunch scene and the restaurant behind the famous malted pancakes coated in hazelnut maple praline—is finally heading out west. In its first expansion outside of Brooklyn, Sunday Hospitality will open three concepts inside the new Hoxton Hotel set to open in downtown Los Angeles this fall.

Todd Enany, co-founder of Sunday Hospitality, says that the team (which also includes co-founder Adam Landsman and former Atera chef Jaime Young) was approached a few years ago when The Hoxton first began working on its U.S. expansion plans. When the opportunity to partner on the Los Angeles hotel came along, Enany says it felt like a perfect marriage; “I have a two year old and when thinking about raising a kid, it made so much sense to raise him in L.A., which is where I’m from,” he says. “And of course, that food scene is so exciting right now, so much is happening.”

While Enany acknowledges that downtown Los Angeles has a different demographic than Williamsburg, he says that he and the team are working hard to translate the spirit and the essence of Sunday in Brooklyn to a new market. To ease the transition, they’ve brought on an experienced local, chef John Taube, previously of The NoMad Hotel in Los Angeles, as executive chef.

“What Jaime, Adam, and I have done at Sunday is really embrace the neighborhood,” Enany says. “Adam and I say it often when we’re hiring, but, I don’t know how many hugs we’ve given just because we’ve grown to have so many regulars. We want that to translate even though it’s a hotel. Downtown L.A. is evolving and we want to become a staple for the neighborhood where people can come and rely on a unique meal.”

Sunday in Brooklyn
Credit: Evan Sung

Two of the three new concepts––an all-day restaurant in the lobby, ribbingly named Sibling Rival (for the West Coast and East Coast standoff) as well as a poolside rooftop restaurant whose name is yet to be determined––will open in fall 2019, when the Hoxton Downtown L.A. first opens its doors. The third, a basement bar, will follow in early 2020. At the moment, chef Young and the team are playing with some R&D around Los Angeles.

“Seasonality is a bit more extended, which is great for [Jaime], so he’s excited about vegan options,” Enany says. Although much of the menu is still under development, early highlights include a chickpea omelette, a number of quinoa bowls, and a togarashi chicken sandwich inspired by a similar dish at Sunday in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, Sunday in Brooklyn’s head bartender, Brian Evans, will be behind all three cocktail programs at the new Hoxton space, even though the team will attempt to serve all new cocktails. One familiar face to look out for? An L.A. riff on the bar’s beloved Havana Honeybear, a tropical mix of amaro, sherry, pineapple, apricot, and cumin honey.

“We really took our time with this one,” Enany says. “We’re approaching three years at Sunday, and we wanted to do number two right, and number two just so happened to also be number three and four.”