According to the app's data, bean burritos experienced the biggest surge in popularity of any item. 
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In December of every year, the food ordering app GrubHub takes a long, hard look at what people are ordering, and some noteworthy trends emerge. In 2018, they compiled lists of the top foods of the year (based on their growth in popularity), as well as the most popular restaurants in the app's top markets.

The results are somewhat surprising. Here's what jumped out at us.

1. The most popular food of 2018 is ... bean burritos.

Here are the top ten trending foods of the year, based on GrubHub orderers. Note that chicken-based dishes make up half of the list, and cauliflower makes a repeat appearance.

1. Bean burrito (276% more popular)
2. Poke (205% more popular)
3. Chicken slider (189% more popular)
4. Baby back pork rib (165% more popular)
5. Chicken burrito (164% more popular)
6. Chicken sandwich (160% more popular)
7. Cauliflower rice bowl (155% more popular)
8. Chicken and waffle slider (145% more popular)
9. Parmesan chicken (139% more popular)
10. Buffalo cauliflower (124% more popular)

2. The top breakfast order of 2018 is ... peanut butter acai bowls.

We, for one, are stunned that acai bowls beat out bacon, egg, and cheeses! We feel that there is something very wrong with that.

1. Peanut butter acai bowl (350% more popular)
3. Detox juice (193% more popular)
4. Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (190% more popular)
5. Breakfast burrito (141% more popular)
6. French toast (106% more popular)

3. The top late-night item of 2018 is ... stuffed jalapeño.

People order french toast at night?

1. Stuffed jalapeno (169% more popular)
2. Spicy miso ramen (167% more popular)
3. Slider (148% more popular)
4. French toast (119% more popular)
5. Lamb shawarma (70% more popular)

4. The top dessert is ... brownie.

This checks out.

1. Brownie (413% more popular)
2. Oreo cookie cupcake (316% more popular)
3. Baklava (261% more popular)
4. Salted caramel cookie (243% more popular)
5. Cobbler (238% more popular)

And, below, find the most popular restaurants in five of GrubHub's top cities.

New York City


New Orleans

San Diego