Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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Even Brangelina could use some good restaurant recommendations

In honor of the birth of Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt in Nice, France, last month (which brings the movie star family total to eight) we here at F&W decided to indulge in a little roundup of eight of our favorite Provençal dishes that serve eight. And for when the family returns stateside, we polled some of the sagest, funniest food bloggers and restaurant critics for family-friendly restaurants they’d feel comfortable recommending to any star-quality group of eight or more. From Grub Street's Josh Ozersky to New Orleans Times Picayune's Brett Anderson, they came through in spades. The full roundup is here; highlights below.

If the Brangelina 8 are looking for something new, Cabrito just opened in the West Village. It’s fun and noisy, it’s got lots of tacos, and it’s so loud, no one would notice six shrieking children there. Plus it has a certain multiethnic cachet that they might find appealing.

Should the power couple need to swing by Capitol Hill to drum up support for their do-gooder deeds, it’s a quick stroller ride over to Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn’s new burger joint on Capitol Hill, Good Stuff Eatery, for milkshakes, herb-flecked fries and burgers.

Kids tend to like the little-monster aspect of boiled seafood, provided their parents aren’t the types who forbid them from playing with their food. We’re at the end of crawfish season, but you still get them at some places, and most seafood joints will have boiled shrimp and crabs. I like Seither’s, The Galley and Charlie’s Seafood and Barbecue, all of which are family-friendly.

Their best bet might be Spruce. Chef Mark Sullivan’s menu epitomizes the seasonal cuisine that San Francisco loves, yet is accessible enough for the kids. The converted garage’s flashy design (cathedral ceilings, fancy skylights) should please the architecture lover in Brad, and the entire clan could escape the paparazzi in one of the private dining areas.

After a quick trip to Barney’s, or even a pilgrimage to the Rem Koolhaas library downtown—de rigueur for any patron of architecture—the family can drive a few blocks northeast of the shopping district to Habesha, a gorgeous Ethiopian restaurant with exposed brick walls and handmade paper lamps. Not only can the Jolie-Pitts share Zahara’s heritage with the entire family, Habesha offers a practical meal for a family of eight: a lunchtime buffet.