Indulge in chicken cordon bleu sandwiches and croissant French toast on the patio.

Credit: Jenni Hwang

I’m not here to judge how people want to spend their Sundays in L.A., but I will say this: Waiting a long time for brunch, while standing in a long line, is not relaxing at all to me. And a reminder: Sqirl is on Postmates, and I can vouch for the fact that being able to eat Sqirl’s chicken porridge while at home in your pajamas is optimal.

Today, though, I want to tell you about a new brunch oasis that’s opened across the street from Sqirl in East Hollywood. Self-described “lazy French” wine bar Melody on Virgil is a transporting and friendly daytime destination where you can sit in the dining room or on the patio (dress warm for L.A. winter; 60 degrees during the day is no joke) and eat your requisite avocado tartine while trying small-production wines, including some that hit all the natural, organic and biodynamic boxes on your woke-wine checklist. Doesn’t sitting outside getting buzzed sound like a more relaxing way to spend your Sunday than standing in line somewhere? (Again, not judging, just offering alternatives.)

Credit: Jenni Hwang

Get deeper in chef Hunter Pritchett’s brunch menu at Melody on Virgil and you might find yourself wanting to spend your whole day here. The oversized chicken cordon bleu sandwich crackles and pops with a Pommery mustard slaw. The smoked brandade dip is exactly what you want on the housemade potato chips. The hamachi crudo has a lovely kick from a chipotle rouille. The ratatouille and eggs with harissa and chevre is pure comfort.

Credit: Jenni Hwang

And Melody on Virgil, which debuted in mid-November, is a great place to eat local while imagining you’re far away from L.A. scenesters who will wait in a line that wraps around a corner to order ricotta toast. Pritchett gets fruits and vegetables from Rick’s Produce Market, which opened just down the street in East Hollywood earlier this year. So Melody on Virgil’s croissant French toast is topped with a medley of Rick’s fruit alongside crème fraîche and honey.

Credit: Jenni Hwang

Last Sunday, the fruit on the French toast included persimmons, Asian pears, apples, grapes and pomegranate seeds. It’s a dish that’s restorative if you’re recovering from a long night and want to spend your Sunday reading your phone. It’s also a dish that can carb-power you through a long, relaxing session of day-drinking. Nobody’s judging you for what you do on this patio. Choose your own adventure.

Melody on Virgil, 751 N. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles, 323-922-6037