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Yes, according to the latest Star Wars installment, the First Order, formerly the Galactic Empire, has given up on building the Death Star – a dumb decision considering that, as we know, third time’s a charm. Instead the First Order opted to turn an entire planet into Starkiller Base. (Maybe there should have been a “spoiler alert” somewhere in there.) But that doesn’t mean that memories of the Death Star can’t live on in our hearts and in our grills.

In what is clearly one of the most shockingly until-now-overlooked merchandising opportunities in the entirely galaxy, The Fowndry is currently accepting pre-orders for a Star Wars Death Star BBQ. Your typical kettle charcoal grill has always been a giant globe shape, meaning it barely takes any modification to create a stunning Death Star replica. And as we all saw when it charred up Alderaan, the Death Star, like a good grill, packs some serious heat.

“This officially licensed outdoor grill is made from stainless steel,” The Fowndry writes. “The intricate detailing isn’t just there for show either. Cleverly disguised as a devastating laser, the lid of the Death Star BBQ has an adjustable thermal vent – perfect for regulating heat. Just keep an eye out for X-wings.” As if some silly X-wings would ever be capable of destroying such a well-constructed grill!

At about $140, this BQQ doesn’t even seem like a terrible deal either, though it will be shipping from the UK, meaning those international shipping rates might be more infuriating than that time the Galactic Senate allowed for taxation on Free Trade Zones and the Trade Federation decided to…never mind, no one paid attention to those prequels anyway.