F&W sister brand Southern Living released an incredible list of The South's Best New Restaurants of 2016. Here, 5 of the 25 winners. 

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
Buxton Hall
Credit: Courtesy of Buxton Hall

Southern Living dropped its list of the year's best new restaurants today and you'll want to add them to your food travel bucket list now. To create the heavily vetted roundup, "Jennifer V. Cole spent over two months logging thousands of miles back and forth across the region to eat more meals than any human should comfortably or reasonably consume," write the editors. We love that she picked standouts in both major destinations like Austin, Nashville and New Orleans, as well as star openings in charming locales such Asheville, NC and Birmingham, AL. Here, a peek at 5 of the South's Best New Restaurants. Go to southernliving.com for the full list.

Buxton Hall: Asheville, NC ( Photo Above)

"The whole-hog cookery alone merits a stop at this vintage-inspired South Slope restaurant, but calling Buxton Hall just another barbecue joint would be a disservice. Take the sides, for example. Green beans simmer under the cooking pig, basting in unctuous pork drippings. Braised collards sing with the tang of cider vinegar and the spice of fresh black pepper. Here, you could create the ultimate vegetable plate and never think twice." buxtonhall.com

Death and Taxes Death and Taxes: Raleigh, NC

Death & Taxes
Credit: © Nick Pironio

"Raleigh dynamo Ashley Christensen’s trip to Uruguay several years ago, where she cooked alongside asadors on their open fire pits, laid the foundation for her latest restaurant, Death & Taxes (so named because the historic building was once a funeral parlor and later a bank." ac-restaurants.com/death-taxes

Foreign Correspondents: Houston, TX

Foreign Correspondents
Credit: Courtesy of Foreign Correspondents

"In a Houston Heights strip mall, PJ Stoops and his Thai-born wife, Apple, masterfully present the riches of the Gulf through a northern Thai lens. PJ first made a name for himself as a supporter and peddler of bycatch, convincing chefs to work with lesser-known species. So it’s no surprise that the seafood at Foreign Correspondents particularly stands out. Don’t miss the Makrut Lime Curry, with Texas-caught fish simmered in coconut milk curry, or the sticky rice stuffed with conger eel and steamed in banana leaves." treadsack.com/foreigncorrespondents

Bastion: Nashville, TN

Credit: Courtesy of Bastion/Danielle Atkins

"Sister restaurant to The Catbird Seat, this warehouse-style bar and 24-seat jewel box restaurant follows the same eat-at-the-counter- and-watch-the-chefs-work format... At the curved chef’s counter, you’re given a paper menu to check off your dinner choices from a grid of 15 ever-changing menu options. Chef Josh Habiger has left it intentionally cryptic so diners get a bit of a surprise with each course. Oyster & Pineapple delivers two small Aunt Dottie oysters from Duxbury, Massachusetts, topped with thinly sliced Fresno chiles and a smoky pineapple likker. When asked about Ham & Friends, Habiger replied, 'Ham has lots of friends.'" bastionnashville.com

Butchertown Grocery: Louisville, KY

Butchertown Grocery
Credit: Courtesy Butchertown Grocery

"At the light-filled Butchertown Grocery, chef Bobby Benjamin works wonders with meat (ultra-juicy burgers, a sandwich piled high with house-cured salumi, rack of lamb dressed with aged balsamic). But don’t dismiss his stellar veggies, like the fragrant mushrooms enriching tender gnocchi." butchertowngrocery.com

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