Credit: © The Bagel Store

One of the hottest food items in Brooklyn, an area known for hot food items, is rainbow bagels—which, if you’re not from New York City’s most thrift-store-loving borough, you might be familiar with from their viral “making of” video and exploding media coverage by everyone from ESPN to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

But as another great Brooklyn resident once said, “Mo money, mo problems,” and the store behind the rainbow bagels, called, fittingly, The Bagel Store, has been struggling to deal with their newfound popularity. They’ve even had to temporarily close one of their two locations.

“We needed to revisit everything that's happening, to make the shop better,” marketing coordinator Francine LaBarbara told Gothamist. “We really needed to take a second to regroup.” Part of the issue is that bagel master Scot Rossillo doesn’t want the quality of his psychedelically swirled bagels to suffer. “What Scot will never do is jeopardize the integrity of the product,” LaBarbara said—a tough task when you’re selling out every single week and then getting special orders on top of that to boot.

The good news is that, as of this morning, The Bagel Store posted on their Facebook page that “We Are Almost At The End Of Our Renovations Here,” reassuring customers that “We are All Working Very Hard To Bring You Even More Of The a Worlds Most Beautiful Bagels”—so much so that they have apparently completely given up on properly using capitalization.

In the meantime, you can continue to stare at a never-ending stream of Rainbow Bagel pics on The Bagel Stores’ Instagram account.