By Joey Skladany
Updated July 27, 2016
Poop-Themed Dessert Cafe, Canada
Credit: © Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you’ve ever had the strong desire to mix bathroom habits with dessert preferences, you should a) continue to keep this information to yourself and b) plan your next vacation to Toronto.

The Poop Cafe Dessert Bar, slated to open in August, is the brainchild of crap connoisseur and shop owner Lien Nguyen.

“I’m trying to make poop cute,” she tells the Toronto Star, having jumped on the throne bandwagon after visiting the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan. "It’s funny to put food and poop together."

Nguyen's humor will come in the form of brown stool-shaped sweets on toilet bowl dishes. The menu is also said to be seasonal (we don't really want to know what summer corn will look like) and will frequently incorporate customer ideas and suggestions.

So what's the big stink? Well, nothing if you can appreciate the novelty and innocence of the business. But for those who can't stomach the idea of eating pretend excrement, might we suggest option number two: a trip to the candy store for some Pepto-flavored Canada wintergreen mints.