I’m not sure what to do in the midst of all this roadblock pizza coverage. (We featured some of the country’s great new pizza places in June F&W; in the New York Times, Frank Bruni wrote about the cult of artisanal pizza; Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld dedicated an entire section of New York magazine to the city’s top 20 pies of the moment.) Do you ignore it or immediately start creating your own best-pizza list? Without fully committing to either course of action, my friends and I went to Lucali in Brooklyn this weekend. In GQ, Alan Richman chose it as the second-best pizza place in the country, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé have driven to Brooklyn to eat there. I’m not sure it’s the country’s, or even the borough’s, second-best pizza—I like my crust a little chewier and better salted—but it’s very good. Owner Mark Iacono, who, Eater recently reported, might be expanding his pizza empire to Brooklyn's South Slope, sources excellent buffalo mozzarella and spoons warm, well-seasoned tomato sauce over the dough which is rolled out with an empty wine bottle. We had it topped with pepperoni and accompanied by a 2002 Foradori Granato, an exceptional Italian wine brought by F&W’s wine editor, Ray Isle (Lucali is BYOB). Here’s how Ray explained his wine choice: “It’s not a massive, over-the-top bruiser; it’s intense, with a spicy edge that’s good with that spicy pepperoni.”