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As if simply going to sleepaway camp as an adult isn’t enough to indulge your inner child, for the third year in a row, a group in Minnesota is holding “Pizza Camp,” an overnight camp for adults featuring plenty of pizza meals and events alongside plenty of your classic summer camp favorites. It may just be as cheesy as it sounds.

Hosted by the Minnesota Pizza Club and Grown-Up Club (two clubs that are obviously all about very serious business), Pizza Camp 2016 is set to take place in Maple Plain, Minnesota this Friday, September 16. Yes, that is tomorrow. Yes, depending on where you live, you may still have time to drive to Minnesota. And finally, yes, as of this writing, spots are still available.

For their $99 registration fee, campers are promised “programming, lodging, meals, and a Pizza Camp Swag package including a T-shirt, Beer Koozie, Tote Bag, and Enamel Pin.” Upon arrival, attendees will have the chance to “participate in ranger-led activities like archery and canoeing, and be treated to entertainment and activities from Grown-Up Club.”

Next up is a “dreamy pizza dinner” boasting “a tri-pizza system of pizza delivery, pizza snacks, and a build-your-own pizza and toppings bar where campers will create and cook their own pizzas in a homemade mobile woodfire pizza oven” that “will be accompanied with libations from Fulton Beer and snacks and accoutrements from local providers.” Frankly, as someone who has lived in both New York City and Philadelphia, I am a little skeptical about just how “dreamy” a pizza dinner held in the middle of Minnesota can really be – but hey, I’ll give Pizza Camp the benefit of the doubt. I’m guessing they did their research.

Once campers’ bellies are full, it’s time for “the saucy sounds of The Time Life Pizza Collection, a duo with a supreme repertoire of 100-plus pizza cover songs across every genre who are flying in to perform for Pizza Campers.” It’s a cover band that just swaps in lyrics about pizza to the hits you know and love. These guys are actually from Philadelphia so I have a lot of faith in their pizza skills.

Finally, “the night will wind down with postcard writing, games and movies in the lodge, a campfire, and star-hike.” The next morning, there’s breakfast and a few more activities, but by 11:30am, the event wraps up and all that you’ll have are pizza memories.

So there you have it. If you do end up going to Pizza Camp, instead of writing a postcard to mom and dad, why not send me one instead? I’m honestly interested in just what this experience is like. Next year, maybe I’ll return the favor by sending you a care package – something other than pizza… I promise.

[h/t Munchies]