While The League actor clings to his New York identity, he says that the sushi in Los Angeles has ruined all other sushi for him forever. 

By Maria Yagoda
Updated May 24, 2017
Paul Scheer
Credit: © Monica Schipper/Getty Images for 1893

Paul Scheer is on a very high-profile email chain.

The comedian is distraught that the chef behind his favorite L.A. sushi place, Saito’s Sushi, is retiring, so he’s been commiserating with Fred Armisen, Natasha Lyonne and Mae Whitman.

“We have this email chain going on right now like, ‘What can we do for this man?’” Scheer says. “We love him so much. This is just one of the saddest things.”

Scheer calls the strip-mall sushi spot an “undiscovered gem,” though is quick to correct himself, for fear of sounding like an L.A. food snob: “Wait, it’s discovered because people know about it.” He’s comforted by the fact that a ramen place, with only one other location in Tokyo, will be taking its place, and that L.A. is never wanting for high-quality sushi served in unexpected places.

While The League actor clings to his New York identity, he says that L.A. sushi has ruined all other sushi for him forever. (“People will go, ‘This is the best in New York!’ And I will go, ‘This is nothing.’”)

Another of Scheer’s local favorites is the underground Studio City hotspot Trudy’s Backyard Barbecue, a Texas-style brisket operation in an actual backyard. The comedian, who says he’s “deep into Yelp,” can hardly keep up with all the great food in his neighborhood.

“I live down the street from Yuca’s, which is basically the size of an old film developing Fotomat booth, and it just won a James Beard Award,” he says. “I love those hole-in-the-wall places.” Yet he rejects certain California trends. While he’ll mess with a fresh-pressed juice, he’s baffled by convenience meals that aren’t really meals. (“Is Soylent real? Is it a joke?” he asks me, earnestly.)

Scheer, who recently guest-bartended at N.Y.C’s Dead Rabbit to launch a new line of 1893 cola flavors, is big into cocktails, too, his favorite being a drink that Nick Kroll turned him onto.

“It’s a dirty vodka martini with Titos and a splash of Tabasco sauce—delicious,” he says. “It became like a joke.”

Apparently, Kroll – a costar of Scheer’s on The League – is very persuasive.

“Nick got me super drunk a few weeks ago,” he says. “I have a rule, a basic tenant in life, and that is: never do shots. I just don’t do it. We were doing this charity fundraiser, and Nick was like, ‘We should do shots!’ And we did. And it killed me.”