At this stage of the game, I think almost anyone who tries to open a hamburger joint in New York City should be brought up on criminal charges. There are a few notable exceptions: Joe Bastianich, who, as Grub Street pointed out several weeks ago, is just waiting for his non-profit license to come through to launch Heritage Burgers. And then there’s Sang Yoon, whose ridiculously meaty and juicy burger at Father’s Office in Los Angeles is one of the very best in the country. He’s in New York City now, looking at spaces. In fact, he just passed on an iconic address on the Lower East Side. I have my fingers crossed that he likes the location he toured today, which is convenient to my midtown office, and I think everyone else who works around the Times Square area should cross their fingers—or employ The Secret, or whatever psychic powers they possess—and wish so, too.