Sandlot, a seasonal, waterfront spot from Spike Gjerde and the Woodberry Kitchen team, will host the event on October 29. 


The only thing more Baltimore than a crab feast, perhaps, is a crab feast along the water, and the only thing better than that is when one of Baltimore's best chefs is in charge. Beard Award winner Spike Gjerde and the team behind Woodberry Kitchen, a pioneer of the local/seasonal genre on the East Coast, are throwing their feast on October 29, to celebrate the final weekend of operation for their summer-only outdoor hangout, The Sandlot.

Situated right at the tip of Harbor Point, a brand-new, 27-acre mixed-use development bringing further dramatic change to the growing Baltimore skyline, Sandlot, which refers to itself as "Baltimore's only beach-front restaurant," is a 30,000-square-foot playground for all ages, featuring beach volleyball, bocce courts, playground equipment and—of course—a lot of food and drink. It's a temporary installation, designed to last for a few years while the Harbor Point neighborhood slowly works its way toward completion—the kitchen and bar are housed in shipping containers, ice cream is scooped from inside a vintage Airstream trailer.

While Baltimore may enjoy longer summers than many cities in the Northeast Corridor, winter does eventually show up, sending the outdoor fun, indoors. So, to cap off their first season in operation, Sandlot will be throwing their first (and hopefully annual) Crab Feast, in partnership with Conrad's Crabs, a local seafood market that has its own commercial fishing operation. The event goes from 1-6 p.m. on the 29th (that's a Sunday, by the way) and features all-you-can-eat crab, the traditional sides and your first beer. (Kids are $20, which does not include their first beer, just so we're clear, but they do get dessert.)

If you can't get to town that day, not to worry—you're never short on places to chow down on the local specialty; Baltimore and environs are positively crawling with temples to Maryland's favorite crustacean—two spots in the nearby Canton neighborhood—Captain James Seafood Palace and Bo Brooks—are great places to start.