For better and oftentimes worse, I've decided to make Mondays the nights to party out of bounds. The drawbacks should be obvious for me—the remaining four-day work week, and the fact that I have early Tuesday morning sessions at the gym with my trainer, are just two of them. But there are benefits, especially if you find that all roads on Monday nights lead to Manhattan's West Village, and specifically to The Spotted Pig. Take a recent Monday night. My friends and I had just sat down at the bar when in came a very animated Jean-Georges Vongerichten with an iPhone camera full of pictures from the Coldplay concert at Madison Square Garden (funnily enough, they looked just like the photos every kid takes at their first concert, with miniscule figures on a far-away stage and monstrous zigzagged lights). Not long afterwards, a few cars pulled up bringing Coldplay's Chris Martin (who was very excited), his wife Gwyneth Paltrow (who was very lovely), and a bunch of their friends including Michael Stipe, Ed Burns and Helena Christensen and her sweet parents. David Schwimmer, who'd been doing shots in a back corner five minutes before they arrived, joined the party. It's hard to leave at a moment like that, especially when a wall of paparazzi is blocking the door.

Next Monday, long story short, there I was at the Pig again, in a room full of people that included some recognizable faces from Top Chef Season 4. And an adorable bartender who looked exactly like John Krasinski, because in fact, he was (if you think he's cute on The Office, he's even cuter in person when he's filling up your wine glass). Krasinski ran around playing host/bartender for hours. Now I'm wondering if he was trying out for a job at the upcoming restaurant from the Pig team, John Dory (which is hopefully opening in September), or their supercool oyster bar, which will be located around the corner. The Pig already has a supersonic staff, but if they start hiring celebrities like Krasinski, I might have to go there every night of the week.