Credit: © Slow Images/Getty Images

Is there such a thing as too many tourists? Even places overrun with tourists like Las Vegas still put out massive ad buy to attract people to their destination and bring their wallets with them. But apparently Western Norway can a-fjord a few less travelers showing up. (Yes, I did just say “a-fjord” and I sleep very soundly at night, thank you very much.) The tourism board has seen a major increase in foot traffic from international visitors due in large part to the popularity of cruises and the movie Frozen which romanticized the Scandinavian country’s beauty.

It’s great news financially, but that doesn’t mean Norwegians want that kind of over exposure. Hotels are booked the hilt, there are traffic issues and lines at popular attractions are getting too long for the Scandanavians’ liking. “This year is sort of off the charts… quite incredible,” said Kristian Jorgensen, managing director of Fjord Norway told The Telegraph. “There are days when there are too many people at some of the smaller destinations […] We have very few of them, but we are not trying to make more of them.” One such town, Gerianger, is home to only 215 permanent residents yet boasts 700,000 annual tourists. I live in New York City and I’m getting claustrophobic just thinking about those crowds.

In cutting their budget the tourist board is also refocusing their efforts on off-season travel promotion and getting the word out about lesser-known points of interest. Sounds like what Norway needs are some good old-fashioned tourist traps! But don’t take big ball of twine. That one is all ours.