By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 21, 2016
Credit: © Deidre Schoo

Coachella and Bonaroo are well in 2016’s rear view mirror and Burning Man still remains a faint, possibly drug-induced glimmer on the horizon.The one commonality all three of these festival-season mainstays have? They’re way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. But this weekend there will be a great crop-top gathering in the middle of America’s biggest city when the first Panorama festival kicks off tomorrow on Randall’s Island. The organizers of Coachella are putting it on and the music lineup, as you would expect, is excellent and varied (everything from Run the Jewels to Sia to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band). But you can only bake in a crowd of swaying hipsters while watching Kendrick Lamar for so many hours in a day, and the festival organizers have fully embraced New York’s place as the most diverse food city in the world to give everyone a welcome way to break from the music.

There will be pizza from Bushwick stand-by Roberta’s, doughnuts the size of your head from Dough, breakfast tacos good enough to deserve their own food truck in Austin from Jalapa Jar, cocktails shaken up by the brilliant mixologists at the NoMad Bar and so much more.

The best part? You can still drop in. Unlike Coachella, which, in order to get in to you have to plan for a year in advance and possibly sign away the rights to whichever child you bear that looks best in a maxi dress, tickets for Panorama are still available here.

If you’re still on the fence about your weekend activities, check out the full music lineup and the full food lineup and get ready to hike out into the middle of the East River. And make sure to look for us. We’ll probably be the ones passed out in the sun after eating from every single food stand.