Credit: © John Greim / KAZUHIRO NOGI / Getty Images

If Harry Potter and The Simpsons weren’t enough for you, Universal Studios is about to get a little more nostalgic with the addition of a Nintendo-themed attraction. Teased last May and officially confirmed and announced today, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal Creative’s Mark Woodbury appear in a video previewing the the coming collaboration. The Nintendo world will allow visitors to immerse themselves in classics like Super Mario Bros. while providing activities and interactivity for gaming fans of all ages.

Nintendo sections will be added to Universal’s theme parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Osaka, Japan featuring rides, experiences, shops and eateries. While the video is very Mario-heavy, who knows what other games might make their way into the parks? We’re hoping for a Legend of Zelda experience, where you wander around aimlesslessly for hours and hours until your older sister finally shows you which rock to push out of the way to reveal the staircase and she could have just told you that when you asked if there was a secret passage or something... Wait a minute, why do we want to relive this stuff again?

No specific dates are mentioned, but it appears the Nintendo portions of each park will be rolled out individually over the next few years.