By Sean Santiago
Updated March 29, 2016
© Getty Images/Blend Images

Have you ever wished your luggage worked a little harder for you? Maybe it could let you know about traffic conditions, or at least advise you on the weather. Josh Udashkin has spent the better part of the past two years working to make that possible. The result is Raden, a new line of smart luggage that puts pragmatism front and center—but pleasingly out of sight.

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Comprehensive R&D and a heavy dose of common sense informs each Raden travel case. Available in a 22” carry-on and a slightly larger 28” check option, the ultralight cases feature an integrated scale to help travelers avoid overage fees when connected to the brand’s iOS application. The app will also inform users of their case’s weight, weather conditions, security wait times, flight details and traffic alerts, not to mention their bag’s location. The cases are also equipped with a removable battery pack and two external ports for charging, perfect for anyone who’s ever clung desperately to a standalone airport charging station. Better yet, all of that utilitarian goodness is concealed within a sleek Makrolon polycarbonate shell featuring a flameproof interior.

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“We eliminate the worry about getting to the airport on time, the anxiety of being subject to overweight baggage fees, and the fear of your phone dying in transit,” said Udashkin. “It’s less about design and more about the experience of getting from point A to point B.” Competitively priced starting at just $295 for the A22 and $395 for the A28, Raden is now shipping to the U.S. and Canada from

Now you can be one step closer to traveling like 007. And isn’t that ultimate goal?