I'm off to Vancouver tomorrow to meet up with some close friends—and to eat the ridiculously good Asian food I've been hearing so much about. Tops on my dream list of restaurants to try is Tojo's, which F&W Best New Chef 2005 Tyson Cole of the Japanese-inspired Uchi in Austin once told me has "the most exquisite, innovative and challenging sushi" in North America. My other recommendations are coming from F&W's annual Go List and the April 2007 Where to Go Next Vancouver, as well as from my old college roommate, a Chinese-Canadian Vancouverite whose palate I always trust. Another indispensable resource I had to share: "...An Endless Banquet" blogger and F&W writer A.J. Kinik's "Vancouver Diary" series, which has entry after entry of all sorts of crave-inducing spots, like ramen bars and steamed bun shops.