Pam Grier with Emma

Before anyone wonders how I got to hang out with Pam Grier, the superstar of '70s movies like Foxy Brown and, more recently, Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown and Showtime’s The L Word, I’ll cut to the chase and say we're related by marriage. And since she’s here in NYC filming a movie that will also star Phylicia Rashad and Common, I got to have dinner with her at DBGB. She picked the place: She’s a passionate foodie who keeps up with the New York restaurant scene from her Colorado horse farm (via New York magazine and the N.Y. Times). She’s also an avid cook, who makes irresistible Chardonnay-steamed mussels (recipe below). We were going to taste-test DBGB’s mussels to see how they stacked up against hers, but got sidetracked by sausages and a Frenchie burger sent to the table by GQ's food critic Alan Richman, a fan of Grier’s (here's his supersonic review of DBGB). So we’ll save the mussel competition for the next restaurant; she'll undoubtedly pick it.