Moleskine Cafe
Credit: © Michele Morosi

Calling all aesthetes: You're about to have new favorite café. In the Venn diagram of people who would pay a whole lot of money for a notebook just because it looks like the notebooks that Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway used and people who like to sit in an impeccably designed café sipping at an artisanal espresso drink, there's a lot of overlap. So it was really only a matter of time before Moleskine teamed up with a coffee roaster to create the ultimate hipster-lectual experience. Welcome to the Moleskine Café in Milan, Italy.

This two-story café, located in Milan's Brera design district, has just about everything you could ever want it to. Beyond just the coffee bar and the small restaurant serving typical café fare (think sandwiches, soups, and salads), the café also has a Moleskine retail area and a gallery that features the work of both established artists and Moleskine fans. Visitors can even draw right on the walls.

For this café, Moleskine has collaborated with Sevengrams coffee, a Milanese coffee roaster. Moleskine worked with branding consultants from Interbrand to create the café's look. And, sure enough, it looks pretty much like what a Moleskine would look like if it were a café: This sleek space is mostly white, black, and some light wood, with a few pops of color.

Before the Milan location, Moleskine piloted the café concept at a smaller location in the Geneva airport, for which they collaborated with Caviar House Airport Premium. Here's hoping the café goes international. Until then, we'll have to satisfy ourselves looking at pretty pictures of it on the café's Facebook page.