Credit: Courtesy of Apollo 70

With food trucks having gone about as far as they possibly can—from marijuana-dispenseries to trucks that cater specially to your dog—it was only a matter of time before mobile drink sellers hit the scene too. Still, no one could have imagined just how cool they'd look. This Airstream mobile cocktail bar is about as cool as a trailer could possibly be. The light and shiny interior is fly as f-, um, truck.

To make this mobile bar, Apollo 70 started with a 1970s Airstream Land Yacht and decked it out with a fully stocked bar, neon lights, a sound system, a fridge, multiple sinks, and even a TV. So, while this might not be the trailer to take out into the woods on your family camping trip, it definitely does the trick as a cocktail bar.

Apollo 70 boasts that it's "The ULTIMATE open air bar experience". Based out of Oxford, the bar travels around the U.K. appearing at all kinds of events, shows, social functions, and more. In the past month, they've hit up the Kia Oval cricket ground, the Sandown Park Racecourse for a rock concert, the Kempton Park Racecourse, and more.

The bar's stock changes depending on where it's appearing, but some of the offerings have included fine Belgian chocolates, American street food, and, of course, all kinds of booze. And all in an environmentally conscious way - all the ingredients are sourced locally and everything is served with as little packaging as possible. Basically, this little vehicle can turn any spot into an awesome bar just by rolling through.