There's usually no lack of things to eat in our Test Kitchen, and when there is, I often make myself (or a starving coworker-who asks extremely nicely) a simple omelet. But on occasion, we've had to venture out in search of something for lunch. On principle, I refuse to shell out $12 for a take-out salad—gluey dressing, packaged croutons, canned chickpeas, insufficient sneeze-guards. Blech. There are, however, a few really super street vendors nearby with falafel (Moishies) and chicken shwarma (chef Ramen), so those are the familiar standbys.

We recently tested a recipe for kati rolls, an Indian-style burrito that we adapted for the home cook using spiced ground turkey wrapped in a crispy fried flour tortilla. I really had a hankering for the real deal—a spicy, savory filling wrapped in buttery, flaky paratha bread. So I Googled "kati roll", and this popped up on my screen. (Apparently, it's a growing fad.)

Mr. Midtown (a.k.a., my hero), the founder of this amazing blog, breaks down nearly every block from West 32nd Street to East 61st Street for street carts, curry wagons, "real" restaurants, fast food places and obscure little ethnic delis, one of which happens to be Kati Roll Company (right around the corner!). The description was so tantalizing, I had to stop what I was doing and get one (actually, four—the paneer is outrageous!). I don't think I'll ever work my way through his list completely—there's just too much to choose from—but a Japanese rice-ball place is definitely my next stop. I'm grateful for the public service he's done—I'd even buy him lunch just to say thanks. It would probably be the best $4 I'll ever spend.