At Mopho, chef Michael Gulotta combines Vietnamese cuisine with local offerings in a fusion that celebrates seafood in a variety  of forms. His local favorites range from a place to find intriguing small production wines to a crazy good po boy spot.
Mosquito Supper Club
Credit: © Rush Jagoe

For help ending food deserts, Dryades Public Market

Dryades Public Market
Credit: © Dryades Public Market

“Chef Dan Esses recently opened a huge market in a former school. Until recently, this was one of the most poverty stricken areas of the city. But now, the market champions local produce and all things southern small production. Up and coming chefs can also get pop up stalls in the market to showcase their cuisine.” 1307 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.

For tracking down obscure wine, Pearl Wine Co.

“The owner, Leora Madden, is a Gulf Coast native and she has a really eclectic list of small production wineries, mostly from the west coast. You can tell how much effort she puts into finding and enjoying small production wines. And the attached wine bar is perfect for decompressing.” 3700 Orleans Ave.

For reinvigorating the po-boy, Bevi Seafood Co.

Bevi Seafood
Credit: © Bevi Seafood Co.

“Chef Justin LeBlanc gets the best seafood in the city and his Po-Boys are crazy good. The Smokey Oyster with gouda and pastrami bacon is crave-able, but I've been addicted to hot sausage po-boys for as long as I can remember so I always get The Cure, hot sausage patties, sunny side up eggs and pepper jelly mayo. Oh, and the spicy fried potatoes, can’t forget about those.” 236 Carrollton Ave.

For a local focused dinner club, Mosquito Supper Club

Mosquito Supper Club
Credit: © Rush Jagoe

“Melissa Martin is super strict in using only products she either forages herself or procures from the fisherman and farmers she grew up with. If she offers you home made cookies beware, they look normal and unassuming, but if you accept and partake of said cookies you will forever be ruined, searching and hoping for another batch of those damn cookies.” 810 N Rampart St.

For Mexican fusion, El Pavo Real

“It is owned by a chef couple who worked in area restaurants for years and have now set up their own shop. The husband, Mario, is from Mexico and his wife, Lindsay, is from the north shore of lake Pontchartrain. When in season get the blue crab, Creole tomato and avocado salad and always get the fried plantains in molé.” 4401 S Broad St.