From guava pastries to fried chicken sandwiches, these are the dishes and drinks that are drawing Camille Becerra, the chef at De Maria in New York City, back to Mexico City.

Camille Becarra
Credit: Tara Sgroi

Check any chef’s Instagram feed, and you’re seeing the same destination pop up again and again.

Mexico City is so rich in traditions, techniques and ingredients, and I think it’s pulling a lot of food people from all over the world right now,” says Camille Becerra, the stylish chef behind De Maria in New York City.

And she’s one of those drawn into the vibrant city.

“The restaurants are very thoughtful, well-designed and buzzy without being super fussy,” she says. “Whether you’re having a taco or a tasting menu, you can expect to have a really wonderful experience.”

Here are a few places that give you just that.

Cicatriz Café

"My friend Scarlett Lindeman used to be a chef at Andrew Tarlow’s restaurants in New York City before opening this Juarez café. This is one of the only places in Distrito Federal where you can get a really beautiful fresh salad. She also makes an amazing fried chicken sandwich—it’s super popular.”

Panaderia Rosetta

“This beautiful coffee shop in Roma Norte is the perfect break when you’re traveling. It has delicious coffee and pastries, like the guava pastry and spinach crostata.”

Fonda Margarita

“I heard about this spot in Col del Valle Centro through my friend Scarlett. I always get the chicharrones in green sauce and the egg and bean quenelle. The restaurant is run entirely run by women; they get up at 3 a.m. to open by 6 a.m. The only man working there plays the guitar throughout the whole service.”

Bosforo Mezcaleria

“The staff is all about educating people about mezcal at this great bar in Centro. You always leave knowing so much more than you came with, and the scene is lively. There’s also a fantastic restaurant next door with delicious nopales salad and grasshopper quesadilla.”