I can in no way claim to be a music savant. I don't play an instrument, I mostly listen to the same stuff I did when I was 13, and the other day I asked my boyfriend who "Shoegazing" is, not realizing it's the name of a musical style. But, on my way home from Minneapolis two weeks ago, I felt so inspired by the spacy, surreal music by the Danish band, Mew, that I wanted to let the world know about them. Because their music excites me as much as the prospect of having dinner at The French Laundry, I thought I would write all kinds of food-related analogies, like, "Their music is as enlightening, cerebral and whimsical as dinner at WD-50 but as soul-satisfying as a plate of fried chicken." Then, I came up with a better plan. Jonas Bjerre, Mew's lead singer and creator of the animations that project behind them during shows, agreed to answer my burning food-related questions over email. It turns out one of the best meals he had while on tour in the states was in Minneapolis. Crazy coincidence? Perhaps. But I'd like to think it's a cosmic connection.

What's the best restaurant you went to while on tour in the states?
I went to a restaurant called 112 Eatery in Minneapolis and had a wonderful meal. The starters were cauliflower fritters and sweet potato puree. The main course was a delicious Ahi tuna steak. Apparently Prince used to go there.

[Incidentally, this is also one of food editor Nick Fauchald's favorite places--he wrote about the lamb scottadito he had there in the December '06 issue.]

Where are some of your favorite places to eat in Copenhagen?

Sticks 'n' Sushi: Pretty pricey but worth it.

Københavner Cafeen: Great for traditional Danish food (lots of meat, potatoes, gravy, and beer).

Spiseloppen: A cozy place in Christiania and the food is quite wonderful.

What don't you like about eating at restaurants?
I find it disturbing when people want to order different kinds of food and then share around the table. If I order Alaskan salmon and the person across from me has venison and they go, "You gotta try this, it's amazing!" I just think, "Why would I want the taste of venison in my mouth? It doesn't go with salmon!"

Does food plays any sort of role in your creative process?
Coffee is my big inspiration at night when I do most of my melody writing. I'm also a big fan of slow carbohydrates, like boiled buckwheat and things of that nature, because they keep your energy up all day without over-saturating you like refined sugars. I also really like beets. My diet definitely influences my creativity. If I eat junk food I usually don't get work done.

What foods or drinks do you most miss from home while on tour?
Ice cream flavored with Champagne-Brus [a Scandinavian lemon-lime soda] and salty liquorice. And just being able to cook for yourself.

What would your last meal be if you could choose?
Probably something Japanese. I love Japanese food. Sometimes it moves me, like a beautiful piece of music would.

Ah, yes, Jonas, I can totally relate. To hear Mew, check them out on their MySpace page.