Melissa Miranda's Seattle City Guide

The 2022 F&W Best New Chef’s picks for must-visit restaurants in Seattle include a dim sum destination and a fabulous Filipino cafe.

Melissa Miranda
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Best Breakfast

"There's something so nostalgic about getting dim sum on the weekends. (I used to go almost every Sunday with my family.) Dim sum at Joyale Seafood Restaurant is hands down the best in Seattle. It's my fave because it's still a hidden gem, the lines aren't long, and they have all of the OG dishes that a lot of places don't have anymore."

Pho Real

"I've never thought about Seattle having a signature dish, but if I had to choose, it would probably be pho or teriyaki. There's a huge Vietnamese and Japanese community here, and the number of restaurants serving pho and teriyaki is [incredible]. Ultimate version for pho: Pho Bac Sup Shop. I get the fatty brisket and tendon."

Chef's Night Out

"Maneki in the International District is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Seattle. I've been going there since I was little with my family. [Operator] Jean Nakayama is at the top of her game. It's hard to snag a reservation, but that will be my forever place."

Sweet Things

"The incredible humans of The Pastry Project, Emily Kim and Heather Hodge, started a free baking and pastry training program that also helps with management, communication, and job assistance."

Happy Place

"Oriental Mart in Pike Place Market is owned and operated by my tita Leila. I go there when I'm happy, sad, celebrating, or just want to hide away from the world for a bit. Ironic, since it's in Pike Place Market, but she has a counter where you can sit and feel like you've been transported someplace else. Tita Leila makes me help her sometimes, but it's an honor to be honest. She doesn't let just anyone back in her space. Her fried chicken wings are a treat, but her salmon collar sinigang heals your soul."

Coffee Break

"Yenvy Pham of Hello Em coffee shop is amazing, constantly trying new things and hyper-caffeinating me."

Damn Good Negroni

"I'm not huge into cocktails, but if I had to choose, it would be a Negroni–and the folks at Bar del Corso make a damn good one."

To Market, To Market

"Fou Lee Market in Beacon Hill is THE SPOT. I grew up going there with my dad and the same family has owned it since then. It's Vietnamese-owned but sells everything Filipino: veggies, frozen goods, canned goods, candies–they have it all. And they have a hot counter where they have Turo Turo (which means point point in Tagalog, and you can order all the hits to go)."

Outdoor Dining

"I love Loretta's. It's the neighborhood spot with the best burgers and you always run into your friends there. If I'm looking for a view though, you can't beat Westward."

Community Builders

"There are a lot of incredible folks in Seattle that have been moving and advocating for change, such as: Aaron Verzosa and Amber Magunid at Archipelago, Chera Amlag at Hood Famous Bakeshop, Kristi Brown and Damon Bomar at Communion, and Vic Steinbrueck at Local Tide, and Emily Kim and Heather Hodge at The Pastry Project."

All-Around Faves

"For pizza: Bar del Corso or Lupo (thumbs up if Cam Hanin is making your pizza pie). For burger: Loretta's Tavern Burger. For pasta: Mezzanotte—anything Jason Stratton touches is gold. For chicken wings: Billiard Hoang. For Bun Bo Hue: Hoang Lan. For ube anything: Hood Famous Cafe + Bar."

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