The Little North Dakota Office Responsible for Weird National Food Holidays

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Has everyone marked their calendars for National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day? No? You better tell Siri to make a note of it right now. NSRW Day is one of what seems to be countless and almost random food holidays. But believe it or not, many of these food holidays follow a similar path to recognition and that path runs right through a VHS digitizing company called Zoovio in Mandan, North Dakota.

That's where the AP recently found Marlo Anderson who heads up the National Day Calendar out of his Zoovio office. Since 2013, Anderson has provided proclamations for those who want a day designated for various topics from the aforementioned strawberry rhubarb wine (requested by strawberry rhubarb winemaker Maple River Winery) to thermal engineers (requested, predictably, by a company that employs thermal engineers).

Considering there is no official power behind any of these proclamations, the National Day Calendar has been a remarkable success since its founding two years ago. Anderson charges $1500 for a national day proclamation. For that money you get a big printed, framed certificate (which Anderson and his team make in-house). If you're willing to put up $4000, however, Anderson will actually show up at an event to present you with your proclamation. And handing out all those proclamation brings the National Day Calendar team $50,000 a year.

But lest you think this is simply a cynical cash grab, not just anyone can get a national day of recognition. The National Day Calendar selection committee, which consists of four Zoovio employees, vets any potential national days. "National Rotisserie Chicken Day? Okay? People like chicken. Simple as that," committee member Amy Lavallie told the AP. But while everyone loves chicken, the same cannot be said of Dr. No. The committee rejected a recent application for National Sean Connery Day on the grounds that the actor didn't have broad enough appeal (the fact that Sean Connery is not actually from this nation might be send up red flags when it comes to national days of recognition, but maybe that's just us).

Sir Sean might not be celebrated this year, but plenty of other things are. If you'll excuse us, we have to go get ready for National Ants on a Log Day—September 8 can really sneak up on you.

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