Fany Gerson is opening a new frozen treats shop in Greenwich Village.

By Gillie Houston
Updated May 24, 2017
© Noah Fecks

New York, get ready for a lot more La Newyorkina. As the Times reports, NYC's premier purveyor of paletas (Mexican ice pops) is about to establish its first brick-and-mortar shop.

La Newyorkina, which sells its sweets at stands throughout the city, is the brainchild of pastry chef Fany Gerson. She's also the doughnut genius behind Dough, the hugely popular shop with locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Gerson's shop will offer a number of Mexican treats including made-to-order traditional nieve de garrafa—an ice cream made in wooden barrels lined with metal cylinders. "The ice crystals will get big if we put it in the freezer. We'll just have to sell it right away," Gerson tells The New York Times of her stabilizer-free concoctions. Additionally, the La Newyorkina shop will offer homemade ice creams and sorbets, both dairy-based and dairy-free.

Gerson, who grew up in Mexico City, was first inspired to begin her sweet business in 2010 following a trip to her native country while writing her first book, "My Sweet Mexico." The entrepreuner sources many of her ingredients from nearby farms and uses organic dairy, fruit, and herbs in her recipes, which are all free of artificial flavors or colors. Ingredients made outside of New York—like Mexican vanilla bean, Oaxacan chocolate, dried chilis and hibiscus—are sourced from small producers in Mexico.

While Gerson is known for her frozen treats—and is currently writing her third book on the subject of Mexican ice cream—she also plans to offer a number of warmer goods during the chillier New York months. Her planned fall offerings include a champurrado porridge made with chocolate, corn masa and unrefined cane sugar.

And of course, the shop will offer the paletas that La Newyorkina is famous for, including new flavors like "fresa fields" (strawberry with crushed Maria cookies) and avocado-passion fruit. For fans of Gerson's paletas, or anyone with a sweet tooth, the La Newyorkina shop will open at 240 Sulivan Street this September or October.

Can't wait? Make your own Mexican desserts.