I'm in St. Louis right now, where I'm sharing a floor at the Chase Park Plaza hotel with Poison, which was pretty much my favorite band in the world in 1988. (I'm actually drinking coffee next to some of the roadies RIGHT NOW. I know this because everyone in the Poison posse wears T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats emblazoned with the band's signature lime green font.)

Anyway, the second most exciting thing I've experienced in St. Louis was the meal I ate at the legendary C & K Barbecue, a roadside take-out stand in north STL. I tried the snouts (pronounced SNOOTS), a pile of crispy cartilage bathed in C & K's peppery, tomato-based sauce. Like all dishes at C & K, the snouts were served on white bread with a smear of "potato salad," which looks and tastes like instant mashed potatoes. The snouts have the crisp, airy texture of a macaroon and taste like a hog pen smells (seriously—I've spent some time in them), which was just too piggy for even this pork fiend. So I opted for the tender rib tips, which are explained by a disclaimer taped to the front counter:

"Your rib tip order will consist of: lean meat, gristle and bone-in pieces. —C & K mgmt"

I'm heading to Memphis now, where I'll hopefully run into some more past-prime rockers (or their ghosts) and more great BBQ.