For their stellar tasting menus at Contra, Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske collaborate with some of the top chefs around the world. Here are some of their favorite places around the city to take their visiting chef friends for layered baguettes and outstanding cocktails.
Credit: © Shantanu Starick

For a taste of Jewish culture, Russ & Daughters Café

Von Hauske: "Russ & Daughters Café is literally right across the street from us and we are always borrowing things from each other. And we love getting breakfast or lunch here. You can't go wrong with matzoh ball soup or their smoked fish platters." 127 Orchard St.

For layers upon layers of baked goods, Arcade Bakery

Arcade Bakery
Credit: © Matt Salacuse

Stone: "Their laminated dough is really impressive. My favorite things to get are the pizzas and laminated baguette. " 220 Church St.

For inspiring produce, Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Greenmarket
Credit: © GrowNYC

Stone: "We are here almost every day it's open, buying ingredients for the restaurants. It's inevitable that you're going to run into other chef friends at the market, and it's always great to catch up." E 17th St. & Union Square W,

For pizza, two picks, because in New York why choose just one? L&B Spumoni Gardens and Prince Street Pizza

Stone: "Our first choice for pizza is always Spumoni Gardens, without a doubt. Their pies are the best. We ordered a bunch of pizzas for Contra's anniversary party, and a big tub of Spumoni ice cream, which they are known for."

Von Hauske: "But sometimes getting all the way out to Spumoni Gardens isn't possible and the next best thing is definitely Prince Street Pizza, who also make some killer square pies—especially the pepperoni square pie." Spumoni Gardens: 2725 86th St., Brooklyn,; Prince Street Pizza: 27 Prince St.

For a nightcap, Nitecap

Credit: © Shantanu Starick

Von Hauske: "Nitecap is just around the corner from us, so it's really easy to get there just in time for last call after a long night of service. Sometimes you need a break and their cocktails are really solid. My go-to is the Mermaid's Paradise." 120 Rivington St.