© Cedric AngelesNow that Johnny Depp has finished filming The Rum Diary and left Puerto Rico, you might think the obsession with the island would be over. Not so fast. Superstar chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is just announcing details of his restaurant in the upcoming St. Regis Resort Bahia Beach, slated to open in the fall of 2010. No, it’s not a J&G Steakhouse (that just opened in Washington, DC), nor is it a J&G Grill (that’s coming in October to the St. Regis Deer Crest in Park City, Utah). His Bahia Beach restaurant has a unique name, Fern, and a menu that will be tailored to the island with some greatest hits from his places around the world. The outstanding black bass he serves at his Manhattan flagship, Jean Georges—crusted with nuts and seeds and served in a buttery sweet-sour mushroom broth—will surely be replaced with a local fish (whether it's grouper or wahoo or dorado is anyone's guess).