Super Mario, maze, corn maze
Credit: Courtesy of Imgur

It’s barely the third week in August, but just as General Mills and McDonald’s are finding a way to cram pumpkin spice into the summer months, corn maze season seems to be creeping earlier and earlier as well. Already, in the small town of Newark Valley in upstate New York, farmer Tim Stoughton has caught the Internet’s attention with his Super Mario maze. Stoughton said that his wife picks the theme every year for the family farm’s corn maze, which, in the past has featured more serious topics like last year’s anti-bullying maze and a maze supporting a local animal shelter the year before.

According to ABC, Stoughton’s friend, who is also a pilot, took an aerial shot of the farm field, which ended up on Reddit with thousands of comments. Hopefully that will translate into a little extra business for the maze, which the Stoughtons use to attract to attention to the corn, pumpkins and flowers the farm also sells. They already get 10,000 visitors a year, which already sounds like an impressive corn maze audience to us, but here’s hoping reddit turns out a few more Nintendo fans.

And all you people who are worried corn maze season is creeping in before Labor Day, don’t worry. The Stoughton’s might have built their Mario maze already, but it doesn’t open for business until September 17.

[h/t ABC]