Credit: © Stephen Barnes/Northern Ireland / Alamy

In July in the United States hour-long lines snake through Six Flags or Disney theme parks slowly leading sweaty thrill seekers towards roller coasters of all shapes and sizes. In Ireland though, there is but one option to scream yourself hoarse while careening around corners in a tiny car. And that’s at Tayto Park. What’s Tayto Park? Why it’s only Ireland’s biggest amusement park. It’s also the only one we know of dedicated to a potato chip.

Tayto Crisps are the best selling brand of chip in Northern Ireland and the third best selling chip in all of the United Kingdom and five years ago Tayto’s owner Ray Coyle decided it would be a good idea to devote 55 acres full of games and rides to the beloved chip, right across the street from the Tayto factory. And last month Tayto Park got its star attraction: The Cú Chulainn Coaster. The Cu Chulainn is reportedly the only permanent roller coaster in Ireland and, at 105 feet high, is the tallest wooden ride of its kind in all of Europe.

Its actual relation to the chips is tenuous at best though. Cu Chulainn was a mythical Irish hero who predates Tayto and probably potato chips generally. But don’t worry Tayto fans, ever park visitor gets a free bag when they enter and leave the park. Not a bad perk. At Disneyland a bag of chips would probably cost you $19.

[h/t PRI]