Yep, people are getting paid to social media-ify other people's vacations
Credit: scyther5/Getty Images

If you like tropical islands, picture-perfect beaches, and taking Instagram photos that are so perfect that they make all your friends wish that they could Freaky Friday with you, then we may have just found the perfect job for you: hanging out at a resort hotel in the Maldives and taking amazing travel photos for the guests, so that they can actually enjoy the sights while you take the photos that make everyone they know jealous.

This service, available at Hilton's Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, is provided by the resort's Instagram butlers. Instagram butlers choose the most photogenic view, set the stage for the photo with additional props, and even direct guests to the restaurant tables that have the most Insta-worthy views.

So basically, if you thought your ability to post food photos so incredibly enviable that they rack in hundreds of begrudging likes wasn't actually an employable skill, you're super wrong. Considering the resort's impressive breakfast buffets, colorful salads, elaborate cocktails, and tables looking out over the water, there's definitely a lot to capture.

And that's before you even take into account all the incredible nature sights. In fact, the resort even has an "Insta Trail" full of the most social media-friendly views, if you request it. As Kimberly Roberts, the hotel's director of marketing and communication, told Mic, "On the trail, guests will be shown the hidden secrets and not-so-obvious spots on the island, the best angles to capture a specific moment and, of course, the best time of day where the lighting is not too harsh but just picture-perfect."

According to Roberts, the position emerged as a response to guests' tendency to ask the hotel staff to take photos for them. Adding a title to the role and making it a premium hotel service on par with luxury suites and ordering champagne and caviar up to your room just seemed a natural extension. Plus, now one person's dream vacation can become another person's dream job.