By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 02, 2014
Credit: Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

If an overbooked plane or wealthy benefactor has ever made you the recipient of a first-class airline trip, you know what a treat that is (you don’t have to pay for your headphones or anything!). But for blogger Derek Low, first class now seems like the stained seat at the back of a Greyhound. Low recently got to fly from Singapore to New York in Singapore Airlines’ Suites Class.

The ticket retails for a whopping $18,000 (in case you’re wondering, that’s more than the annual salary of almost 40 percent of Americans). No problem for Low though as he saved up what must have been a Clooney-in–Up in the Air number of frequent-flier miles to qualify for the upgrade. And luckily for us, Low decided to document his entire trip. Since this is a food site, we thought we’d recap his dining experiences.

First, forget those silly airport lounges, when you’re paying more than $18,000 for your ticket, you get whisked away to The Private Room. Once there, Low dined on a chicken and mutton satay plate before moving on to baked Boston lobster with Gruyère, Emmenthal and cheddar. He finished with a US prime beef burger with foie gras, rocket leaf and fried quail egg, all while sipping Champagne, naturally, and a mango smoothie just in case.

After boarding the plane, Low was immediately offered more Champagne (Dom Perignon, of course). He also grabbed an Iced Milo (a chocolaty Asian drink), because why not? Not long after takeoff came yet another round of beverage service. Low opted for Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (a choice for which he received accolades from the plane’s chief steward) and an equally fancy tea—TWG’s Paris-Singapore blend.

When dinnertime arrived Low “settled for a 5-course supper.” He had appetizers of Malossol caviar with lobster-fennel salad and duck foie gras with shaved fennel–orange salad, beetroot and mizuna. He chose to slum it for his main course, going with a fish noodle soup, before concluding with a vanilla bavarois with raspberry coulis.”

Though he probably could have continued to indulge in food and beverage options, part of the joy of flying in a suite is having a bed, so Low spent much of the rest of the ride sleeping. After doing the math he discovered he had slept through $6,000 worth of the flight, ending this leg of his journey with a morning Toblerone.

For the rest of the over-the-top joy of flying in a mini palace, check out Low’s article “What It’s like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class.”

Sadly, it’s probably about as close as we’ll ever get to such luxury.