By Grasie Mercedes
Updated September 26, 2014
© Grasie Mercedes

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Fashion blogger, actress and Instagram star Grasie Mercedes recently celebrated her honeymoon in Mozambique and South Africa where she found gorgeous beaches, amazing food and a lion or two. We're certainly jealous of her trip. Are you?

When Damien and I were considering our honeymoon options, there was very little discussion about it. We both knew there was only one place we wanted to go for our trip of a lifetime : Africa. However, Africa is a huge place with 53 countries (including the islands off the coast) so that option was a bit broad. That is, until I was introduced to World Odyssey by my blogger bud Sam. We told them what we were looking for and they arranged the most perfect vacation. It all started in Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique at the White Pearl Resort aka heaven.

We flew from NY to Johannesburg, then to Maputo, Mozambique, where we were met by a White Pearl representative that informed us that “our pilot was ready.” Umm, OUR pilot?! Yup, our transfer from Maputo to Ponta Mamoli was in a 4 seater flown by South African pilot, John Henry. The flight was incredible, as we flew over the city and then within minutes were high above the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Damien said he felt like we were on an episode of “The Bachelor” and he was right. It was that perfect and fairy tale like.

After a short drive from the landing strip, through town, we arrived at White Pearl Resort and were just floored by it’s beauty and the hospitality of the staff. Every single person who worked there was the nicest person ever. Like sincere nice, not that “I’m being nice because I have to be, because I work here” nice, it was very refreshing. Our room was one of 22 ocean-facing villas at the resort and perfectly decorated with a view that made you never want to leave.

So we didn’t and spent our first 2 days unwinding from the travel, drinking on our patio, laying out on our deck beside our personal plunge pool and soaking in the sun. It was perfect.

Below you’ll find a photo of the best lobster I’ve ever eaten in my life. That is all.

The only good thing about jet lag is waking up every morning at 6a, just in time to watch the sunrise. Damien and I did this every morning we were at the White Pearl. It was incredible and oh so romantic.

This is just the beginning and I have so many more photos to share…stay tuned.

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