Tracy Young of Kings Co Imperial in Brooklyn shares her favorite spots in Hong Kong, from underground cocktail lounges to old-school noodle shops.

Yuet Tong China Works
Credit: Courtesy of Tracy Young

“Hong Kong is a city of contrasts,” says Tracy Young, the chef and co-owner of Kings Co Imperial in Brooklyn. “Renowned for its deep natural harbor and verdant mountains, it’s also considered one of the world’s most important financial centers.”

Oh, and it's one of the great food cities of the world. Here, Young shares where you'll find her in Hong Kong.

Little Tai Hang

“There’s no shortage of incredible hotels–and many are like pages out of history, such as The Peninsula and the Mandarin Oriental—but this spot in the Tai Hang neighborhood has quickly ascended the ranks of my favorites. Set in a quiet neighborhood just a few MTR stops from the city center, it seems like it’s 1,000 miles away. The Lin Fa Kung temple and gardens are nearby, and the Victoria Park is just steps away for a morning jog or Tai Chi session. Little Tai Hang is a collection of harbor and garden rooms, in addition to apartments for those staying longer (me!).”

Little Tai Hang
Credit: Courtesy of Tracy Young

Mak’s Chung Kee

“This tiny noodle shop down a narrow alley in Sheung Wan serves some of my favorite noodles. I get hearty bowls of bamboo pole noodles and prawn dumplings in a slightly sweet and fishy broth, from the addition of dried shrimp roe and flounder.”

Chung Kee at Mak
Credit: Courtesy of Tracy Young

Second Draft Pub

“This bar is right next to Little Tai Hang. You can cool off with a selection of local artisanal beers on tap. They’re infused with hints of black sesame, mandarin orange peel and five spice.”

Yeut Tung China Works

“I was literally brought to tears when I entered the entrance of his family-run shop on the outskirts of Kowloon. It’s been in operation since 1928, and it stands the test of time. There are dusty rooms filled floor to ceiling with hand-painted porcelain works and artisans tucked around each corner crafting their wares. You bet we’re ordering our restaurant china at Yeut Tung China Works from here on out!”

Yeut Tong China Works
Credit: Courtesy of Tracy Young

Tsim Chai Kee

“Crowded with communal tables, you’ll find some of the best soup noodles here at this Central restaurant. Order the fish ball or prawn dumpling noodle soup (or a combo of both) and sweat it out. This atmosphere little joint won’t disappoint.”

Goodies Foods

“For unique and beautifully displayed Chinese culinary products, track down this shop in Wan Chai. Many of the items are locally sourced, and it houses an impressive array of specialty food products, like the coveted fish maw.”

Red Sugar

“For an edgy cocktail with sweeping harbor and city views, try this lounge on the rooftop of the Kerry Hotel in the Hung Home neighborhood.”

Sichuan Lamb Belly at The Chairman
Credit: Courtesy of Tracy Young

The Chairman

“For more of a splurge, I head to this Sheung Wan restaurant, open for lunch and dinner. It’s tough business eating there alone since there are always about 20 things I want to try, but this time I settled for crispy Sichuan lamb belly with gai lan stems and wild chile clams.”

Salt Plum Margarita
Credit: Courtesy of Tracy Young

Mott 32

“Head into the bowels of The Standard Chartered building, past water walls and down the escalators, to this Central neighborhood bar. It also serves exquisite modern Chinese food—with a price tag to match.”


“No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a foot reflexology session. For an out-of-body experience that’s not for the meek, journey up to the eight floor of this Sheung Wan building. Any of the trained reflexologists will take your feet to another level.”