There's a reason you find yourself craving tomato juice or Bloody Mary mix the second you step on a plane.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

According to a new study from Cornell University, the loud din of a plane in flight weakens sweet flavors (which is why that Diet Coke never tastes the same as it does on the ground) but enhances umami flavors like those in tomato juice. The researchers hope that their study will result in airlines rethinking in-flight food options so that they include more umami-ful ingredients. Until that happens, here are nine umami-packed snacks to make ahead of time for your next flight.

1. Potato Chips with Nori Salt
These quick, homemade potato chips are sprinkled with richly flavored nori (seaweed) salt.

2. Truffled Popcorn
You can’t go wrong with a mix of melted butter, pecorino cheese, truffle salt and rosemary.

3. Roasted Edamame Snacks
Edamame roasted in a spiced soy sauce mixture is easy to make and a healthy snack.

4. Nutty Baby Kale Chips
These dead-simple kale chips are irresistibly crispy and require just 15 minutes of prep.

5. Crisp Salami Cocktail Mix
Make twice as much as you think you’ll need—this cocktail mix is addictive.

6. Sesame-Soy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
These savory, Asian-inspired sesame-soy pumpkin seeds are great alone or on a salad.

7. Parmesan-Rice Crisps
Rich and incredibly crunchy, these lacy crackers don’t taste like anything you’d find in a health-food store.

8. Asian Snack Mix with Nori
Rice-flake cereal, seasoned nori, miso and wasabi come together in this light, munchable riff on Chex Mix.

9. Nutritional Yeast Popcorn
Nutritional yeast is a great additional to popcorn whether you’re vegan or not—it imparts a fabulous cheesy, nutty flavor.