By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 22, 2015

Most of us will never fly in one of the uber-fancy, uber-expensive luxury airline suites with multiple rooms, an actual bed, and a vodka bottle with your name and flight number engraved in it. Instead, the closest we will ever come is watching someone else do it on YouTube. (Isn’t technology great?!)

To wit, Brian Kelly, alternately known as The Points Guy (probably because he’s earned a lot of coolness points by doing super cool things), flew from New York’s JFK airport to Abu Dhabi in one of Etihad’s A380 Residence suites, documenting the entire $32,000 trip that he was lucky enough to experience for free.

As you can see watching the video, the whole thing seems pretty incredible: impeccable service door to door. However, they did manage to forget his bag. And unless they gave him a Residence suite for his flight back, that trip is going to be a real bummer. I’m starting to feel glad I never leave my apartment.