Including whiskey doughnuts, foie gras owls on brioche, and more from 2016 BNC Iliana Regan.
Elizabeth Pop-Up
Credit: © Iliana Regan

I spend a lot of time eating out; invariably, no one lets me anywhere near the working part of a kitchen. But around lunchtime on Monday, May 2nd, I have the opportunity to change that. I get to assist F&W's awesome new Best New Chef Iliana Regan of Elizabeth restaurant in Chicago for a lunch she's serving in honor of the 2016 James Beard Awards.

Reagan is creating a pop-up featuring the greatest hits of Elizabeth, her unconventional ticketed restaurant. On Monday, Regan will serve an a la carte menu including her incredible whiskey doughnuts, foie gras owls on brioche, and a few other to-be-announced treats. I will be there, too, slinging doughnuts, slicing brioche and trying to be helpful. Phil Vettel of the Chicago Tribune kindly said I was "the most overqualifed counter girl ever." In fact, I might be one of the more underqualified assistants in history. But with Regan's Bunny, The Micro Bakery closed for now, I'm grabbing my chance to experience Regan's cooking, and to work with a hugely talented chef.

Wish me luck—and if you're in Chicago on May 2nd, please come by. Elizabeth Restaurant; 4835 N. Western Ave.; May 2nd, 12 - 3 pm.