Why is it that on an island, completely surrounded by water, I can't get a decent piece of fish unless I catch it, kill it, clean it and cook it myself? (I'd be more than happy to do just that, but my kids don't have the required patience to watch their mom surf-cast for hours on end... which is fine, since I don't have the patience to listen to their whining for hours on end... but that's a rant for

A favorite fish joint of mine, Finn's, at the base of the ferry landing, had THE best batter-fried fish sandwich—crispy and light, not greasy and always fresh. My quickly advancing years (and slowly declining metabolism) has forced me onto the broiled fish sandwich as an alternative—which was always still yummy. And at $3.95 for as long as I can remember, it would still have been a bargain at twice the price.

But as the price has crept up (it's now $9.95), the quality has assumed the inverse. The bun is soggy, the fish is watery (i.e., frozen—FROZEN!) and the fries are extra. Grrr!! Even at Mary's/Brooklyn Fish Camp, which I find kind of pricey, the sandwiches are around $12 to $15... and THEY include the fries.