By Sery Kim
Updated June 26, 2015
Credit: © Robert Harding Picture Library Ltd / Alamy

Brandon and Brian Reavis began venturing into the wilderness while growing up in the small town of Cody, Wyoming. And their new free app, Natural Atlas, bridges their love for the great outdoors with a knack for tech. It’s also loaded with custom features Lewis & Clark could never have imagined.

As Urban Daddy reports, the adventure-friendly phone app catalogues previously hard-to-find natural features and can direct you to one of over 250 land classifications from waterfalls to geysers to scenic bluffs. Right now additional topographical, road, and terrain details are provided by, but a Wikipedia-like backend will soon make it possible for any user to contribute their own photos and tips. Natural Atlas uses a mixture of information with users contributing their own photos and tips and details of roads provided by All to ensure detailed accuracy.

Simply click on the type of natural beauty you’re looking for and the app will provide an exhaustive list of sites. Along with place names and distance from your current location, Natural Atlas will also give you additional information you didn’t know you needed like altitude and whether or not your desired destination is shady and tree covered.

Once you have decided where you want to go, click on the name of the location and you’ll get a detailed map to save for use out in the wild. It's already loaded with information on Yellowstone National Park, and much of Colorado. The rest of the country is expected to be on the Natural Atlas grid by the end of the summer. Happy hiking.