Guinness lovers, take note.

By Justine Sterling
Updated June 07, 2017
Guinness New Brewery
Credit: © Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

Guinness is a global brewing giant. Over its 256 years in business, the company has practically defined what we think of as a stout. It’s the unofficial beer of Ireland. It’s even good for you. This is a company that could rest on its accomplishments, but recently it's unveiled a slew of interesting innovations: Trendy brews like Guinness Nitro IPA and the limited-edition 1759, a new, vegan-friendly filtration plant, and now something very intriguing: Guinness is throwing open the doors of its center for boozy innovations, The Open Gate Brewery.

For over a century, Guinness has used the mini brewery as a private experimental laboratory for its brewers. But beginning in December, the space will be open to the public. There, Guinness enthusiasts will be able to sample some of the brand’s newer offerings as well as some hard-to-find small-batch beers and others that will never make it onto menus. While there’s no substitution for visiting the official Guinness brewery and sipping the freshest stout you’ll ever taste, the new attraction is an extra incentive for beer lovers to visit and a great reason for Guinness lovers who have already been to the brewery to head back to Dublin ASAP.

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