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So now I have a new life goal: to write the last chapter of How Wizards Do Money from the inside of the Georgian House’s Harry Potter-themed “wizarding chambers.”

As the Mirror reported:

The two hotel rooms (yes, the hotel only converted two rooms into wizarding chambers, which seems like a missed opportunity to schedule large-group wizarding events like, say,conventions) look good and wizardy, with four-poster beds and locked trunks and old-timey teapots that you’re probably not actually supposed to drink from.

The Mirror notes that the smaller room costs £249 (approx. $400) per night, and the larger room, which sleeps five, costs £363 ($584).

I’m not actually sure if I’d stay here. In the right circumstances (like writing the last chapter of How Wizards Do Money in some fantasy world where I could drop everything to travel to London for a week and do that), I’d totally be up for it. But I think I’d have to have a really good reason to make the trip. A Warner Bros tour just isn’t enough. I’d want a full wizard experience, including the opportunity to wear the Sorting Hat, take some kind of magical chemistry class where we turn powders green or something, and, of course, a Yule Ball.

The Buzzfeed article on the wizarding chambers contains the most telling information about the hotel experience:

Oh, those Millennials. Honeymooning at Pretend Hogwarts. (Okay, that would be a good reason to make the trip.)

What about you? Does this sound like a good deal? Do you totally want to fly to London and hang out in a wizarding chamber?