Liz Sheldon anticipates the reopening of The Ritz in Paris. 

By M. Elizabeth Sheldon
Updated May 23, 2017
© Verre Vole

Even non-hotel nerds have been waiting forever for the reopening of The Ritz in Paris, which has been closed for a major restoration. The iconic institution will reopen this November with a new chef, Nicolas Sale (much loved while at Courchevel’s K2), who you can be sure will go to great lengths to continue the hotel’s history as a magnet for Michelin stars.

To balance Sale’s superluxury cuisine, the hotel has kept the famous Hemingway Bar painstakingly intact, restoring it without making any changes that Papa Hemingway himself wouldn’t have approved of. The renovation also expanded the hotel’s iconic Auguste Escoffier cooking school (the birthplace of French creations like the mother sauces, the bedrock of modern cuisine).

An additional teaching classroom with new, updated equipment will offer guests a wealth of new opportunities to imitate Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (there is a best way to crack an egg). Another new addition is the casual Ritz Bar, which will offer apertifs and small plates if you’re not in the mood for a three-hour tasting menu.

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